Oleg Golubev

Sales Director / Shareholder

Oleg Golubev

Oleg was born in the small country of Belarus where he attended school with an European education.

Due to the limited expansion possibilities, Oleg moved away from Belarus in 2010 after working as an organizer for events.

He started working for Sun Beach Resort in Rhodes, Greece as a Sales Manager and quickly discovered his sales and marketing skills.

His Success lead him to Phuket where he first came for holiday but soon joined Diamond Condominium as a sales executive and quickly rise through the ranks to Assistant Sales Director.

With the amazing success of Diamond Condominium and selling it out he naturally got offered to join next project, the Serene Condominium as Sales Director and Shareholder.

8 years of living in Phuket makes him the ideal leader for this project, having seen the property market developed during his carrier.

He is also successfully raising his family here in Phuket and is always looking forward to work as a family dad and sales director.

Current Business (Sales Director)

  • Serene Surin Co.,Ltd. (18 Sep 2019 – Present)