Serene condominium

  • Area icon

    3300.0m2Land Size

  • Bedroom icon

    186 units

  • Bedroom icon

    8 floors

  • Pool icon

    3 swimming pools

  • Bedroom icon

    1-3 bedrooms

Unit types

Type A1

  • Area icon 28.0m2


Type A2

  • Area icon 31.0m2

(Studiopool access)

Type B1

  • Area icon 39.7m2

(1 Bedroom)

Type B2

  • Area icon 38.7m2

(1 Bedroom)

Type B3

  • Area icon 56m2

(1 Bedroom)

Type C1

  • Area icon 60.3m2

(2 Bedrooms)

Type F1

  • Area icon 135m2

(3 Bedrooms)


  • Area icon 149.0m2

(3 Bedrooms)


  • Pool icon

    3 swimming pools(Rooftop pool, Ground floor direct pool access)

  • Restaurant icon

    Rooftop Restaurant and Pool barwith in-pool seats

  • Gym icon

    Fitness center

  • WiFi icon


  • Laundry icon

    Laundry service

  • Security icon

    24hr SecurityCCTV

  • Reception icon

    24hr ReceptionLobby / Concierge Services / Cafe

  • Bus icon

    Shuttle bus service

  • Elevator icon

    3 elevators

  • Parking icon

    Underground parking


Serene Condominium is located between two of Phuket's most popular beaches - Surin and Bang Tao.

This is one of the most attractive locations in Phuket. A couple of minutes drive from these beaches will guarantee the project will be popular with tourists.

The project is located on a hill, which allows you to get both a beautiful view of the sea and an incredible view of the mountains.