Buy unit online ?

How to buy unit online

Many people think that property online purchase is complicated and sometimes impossible process. But good news is that in Serene Condominium every single guest have his representative to help make process simple and comfortable only in 5 steps:

1 Choose your unit

To request online presentation, please fill up form below and our representative will contact you shortly. Representative will present to you our project by Skype or any other preferable application, and answer on to all of your questions. Review all purchase conditions, look at the show unit in our 3D app, advise ownership benefits, and help you to choose the best unit. Choose best payment schedule.

2 Reserve it

To reserve the actual unit you just need to provide your general information:

  • Passport photocopy
  • Current address
  • Phone number
  • Email

A representative will provide you the reservation agreement with all agreed conditions. As soon as both parties sign this agreement by email, representative will provide you an invoice for the reservation deposit 200,000 THB only. As soon as this process is done you can make a transfer directly to the developer bank account by international bank transfer (SWIFT) and provide transfer slip to your representative. The transaction usually takes from 3-5 working days. As soon as the developer will get the payment, you will get the remittance advice (from developer bank) and official receipt. Reserved unit have to be removed from the market.

3 Sign Contract

Representative will prepare the contract for your unit, developer sign and stamp original versions and send it via DHL to your address. You will get 2 sets of the contracts, you sign every page and send back the one set to the developer.

4 Payments

First installment and every payment Representative will provide you official invoice and after cleared payment receipt. All payments follows payment schedules in the contract and will made by international transfer (SWIFT).

5 Construction Completion, Unit Registration

As soon as your unit will be completed, your representative in advance will invite you for unit inspection and registration. This is only time when you need to visit Phuket and enjoy your purchase.

As you can see, buying online an apartment in Serene Condominium is quite simple, without even flying to Thailand. To request online tour please press button below and your Representative will contact you shortly and help you with all 5 steps.

Serene Condo buy unit online